We are running a day learning centre for children with disabilities from the neighboring localities. These children belong to Below Poverty Line families, and are identified as having disabilities such as Cerebral Palsy, Speech impediment, communication difficulties and lacking in social development. 3 special educators, 1 speech therapist and 1 academic teacher look after the children. We aim to educate these children and so as to prepare them to mainstream schools. So far we have been able to place 8 such children whose education will be sponsored by us.

The Day Care Centre is to keep residents and non–residents purposefully occupied and gives them a sense of self-fulfillment. The work covers as diverse a range of activities such as tailoring, paper bag making, candle making, gauze folding, diya painting and production of greeting cards etc. It is gratifying to note that the quality and finish of items made by the handicapped have exemplary.


  • To provide a sense of self esteem through the activity.
  • Provide a background so that if they return to their parents, they could become useful earning members of the household.
  • be capable to be as much a part of the community that they belong and be able to participate in society /community activities
  • as an exercise for rehab of their mental and manual faculties