Group Captain Leonard Cheshire founded the “Cheshire Homes” charity at UK in 1948, after the World War II. From nursing one man in his home in Hampshire, England, he started getting requests to take in more people who needed constant care. He also started receiving requests from volunteers who wanted to get involved.

The NHS (National Health Service) was not able to take care of permanently disabled and terminally ill patients at that time. And thus began the journey of setting up established homes, specifically for the care of such people, throughout England and the rest of the World.

By 1957, the camaraderie between Group Captain Leonard Cheshire and Maj Gen Virendra Singh led to the opening of the largest home in India to be in New Delhi. Cheshire Homes India Delhi Unit is a registered society that works tirelessly towards achieving the vision of both Group Captain Leonard Cheshire and Maj Gen Virendra Singh of a peaceful world, under the umbrella of the Leonard Cheshire Disability Foundation.At the Cheshire Home India- Delhi Unit, we have 60 exuberant personalities residing with us along with a host of dedicated staff. We are also running a learning center with 60 Physically and Intellectually disabled children from slums all over Delhi. In addition, we are now in the process of establishing a livelihood program for the employment and empowerment of disabled persons.