Cheshire Home India – Delhi Unit

Cheshire Home India – Delhi Unit was established in 1957 and since then we have been a part of many disabled peoples lives. Our core activity has been to care for disabled residents and help them live a life of dignity. However, with time Cheshire Home India – Delhi Unit has grown and evolved to provide comprehensive need based services to children and adults with disabilities including but not limited to provision and/ or facilitation of Special Education, Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy and other Therapeutic Interventions.

At the Cheshire Home India – Delhi Unit, we have 60 exuberant personalities residing with us along with a host of dedicated staff. We are also running a learning center with 60 Physically and Intellectually disabled children from slums all over Delhi.

Our Vision

Each Person, whatever his or her disability, is a uniquely valuable individual and that people with disabilities should have personal freedom to pursue their aspirations and take their own place in the world.

Our Mission

To assist people with disabilities regardless of their colour, race or creed, by providing the conditions necessary for their physical, mental and spiritual well being.

Our Core Values

Empathy, Integrity in all actions, adhering to highest standard of professional conduct.

Ailments of our differently abled

In keeping with the aims and objects of the society the  Cheshire Home India Delhi Unit is providing a home to differently abled and disadvantaged persons who suffer from some of the disabilities listed below:

  • Development Disabilities
  • Cerebral Palsy and Intellectual Disability
  • Speech impediment and Hearing impairment
  • Post Polio paralysis
  • Chronic auto-immune disorder affecting movement, sensation & bodily functions

Our Objectives

To offer those with disabilities:

  • Unquestioning recognition of their full human rights
  • Standards of excellence in all aspects of care from staff and volunteers
  • The support of a forward –looking and responsive organisation, aware of their needs and those of their careers
  • The opportunity to take an effective part at every level in running our services
  • Partnership in a continuing endeavour to help others, wherever the need
  • Physical and mental stability, along with educational and outreach programmes to help them lead a normal life