Cheshire Home India – Delhi Unit runs the project in partnership with European Union  to support disabled youth to achieve their personal and professional goals by

Supporting them into livelihoods by providing skill based training leading to job placement or self employment. The projects underlying

Objective is to Increase equitable access to livelihoods and employment for People with disabilities ( PWDs).

 Target Group:  People with Disabilities above 17


  • Greater equitable access to livelihoods and employment opportunities for Persons with Disabilities in India.
  • Increased knowledge base and understanding amongst key stakeholders of employment / livelihoods rights of Persons with Disabilities.

Project Activities

  • Community Awareness creation programs
  • Providing Life Skills and Soft Skills Training
  • Providing Vocational and Enterprise Training
  • Promoting Self employment and Social Enterprises
  • wage and self employment
  • Job market identification and placement
  • Conducting  secondary stakeholder sensitization
  • programme for promoting inclusion
  • Partnership building and networking
  • Local Authority Orientation

Expected Outcomes

  • Persons with disabilities to have increased confidence and competitiveness in the job Market.
  • Persons with disabilities to get employment and livelihoods opportunities.
  • Persons with disabilities to have better opportunities for self employment.

Implementation Process